Matt prides himself on delivering uniquely crafted photography solutions for each of his clients. It starts with 'seeing the big picture; of understanding the client's vision and then bringing that vision to life and elevating it beyond an expectation.

' There's very little that hasn't already been photographed," says Matt."'I try to look at every project as a re-invention of the wheel. How can I show this in a way that will capture people's attention, their imagination and bring dimension to the subject?"

Known for his unique ability to manipulate and shape light, Matt has shot all over the world and has developed an impressive list of clients.

"I think clients come back to me because I solve problems:" says Matt."When I can take a client's vision and create a powerful image that helps tell the brand's story, then I have done my job."

Matt works with state-of-the-art equipment and his photography has earned over 50 industry awards.